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Crossroads of Learning is a division of Media InfoSystems, Inc., a Los Angeles based training and IT consulting company. Our mission is to bring valuable tools and connections to a variety of audiences using the most effective and friendly techniques and technologies available.

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Our Team

Managing Director


Bob Lasiewicz has been supporting the learning and systems needs of individuals and companies for over 30 years. In 1982, he founded Media InfoSystems, Inc. to provide business, training and information technology services to the entertainment industry. A year later, he and his wife Nalini launched ShowBiz Expo, a film and video trade show and conference that grew into the world's premier entertainment production industry event. The couple sold the business after ten years to explore other career challenges.

Crossroads of Learning represents an intersection of the technological, social and lifelong learning community goals that have characterized Bob's entire career. Under his direction, Crossroads of Learning has developed a university-approved tutor training curriculum for both on-line and in-person formats as well as a trainer development program.

The company has trained tutors and tutor trainers from over 500 organizations; from commercial providers and private tutors to academic learning and writing centers at for-profit and non-profit colleges and universities across the globe. The curriculum was developed in collaboration with the National Tutoring Association and Fielding Graduate University who grant certification and CEUs to the graduates.

Bob earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the School of Communications at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and a Master of Arts degree in Media & Communications Psychology from Touro University Worldwide in Los Alamitos, CA.

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Born in Holland and raised in Hollywood, Nalini has worked for years with small businesses and non-profit organizations in marketing, administration and public relations projects. Alongside her husband, Bob Lasiewicz, Nalini launched and produced the ShowBiz Expo, a tradeshow for the film and television industry. The event was held annually in Los Angeles and New York and Nalini was responsible for oversight of the Finance and Accounting staff as well as managing the Conference and the Marketing Departments for the ten years prior to its sale.

Nalini also pursues philanthropic goals under The Lasiewicz Foundation, a nonprofit corporation launched in 1993, dedicated to education and social action for human development. The Lasiewicz Foundation is a non-profit project that provides PR, marketing and organizational assistance to human rights, peace and independent media groups. and most recently has launched Crossroads of Music, a non-profit project that advocates and promotes early chiildhood music and movement education.

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Marketing/Product Management


Bob contributes to the Crossroads of Learning team with over 30 years experience producing, managing, and marketing tradeshows and conferences (primarily in the technology space), as well as theatrical and arts-oriented events. His initial project with Bob and Nalini Lasiewicz was as marketing manager for the ShowBiz Expo project.

He is also is recognized as an Internet pioneer, an early member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, online rights activist, and developer of notable communities on the web and within the AOL environment.

Bob is the author of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s guide to online safety, freedom, and privacy (Harper Collins), and has also served as a contributing editor to InterActivity, Keyboard, and other technology publications.

His recent work includes hands-on development projects for People of Note (music education advocates), The Redwood City Education Foundation (support of enahanced programs in the schools), and the San Mateo Dance Association (arts education), where he is a former member of the Board of Directors.

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