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Crossroads of Learning is a division of Media InfoSystems, Inc. a provider of systems design, training, and business products and services since 1982.  In addition to the Learning Support Academy, train-the-trainer/workbook program and on-line “Tutoring Foundations” tutor-training program, Crossroads of Learning provides many free resources including a community of interest for one-to-one educators (discussions, meeting areas, blogs, file sharing, etc.), a library of helpful Internet tools, the Journal, and Tutoring Town Hall interactive webcasts with timely subjects and experts in the field. 

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To access all the features of our Press Kit, you may find it helpful to read the hints listed at the bottom of the page.

How to Use the Press Kit

  1. Scroll to see all files
    The scrollbar that appears near the right margin of the Press Kit tool will let you scroll down to see additional files in the current folder, should there be more to see. A single click opens a folder within the Press Kit. You can navigate back to where you were using the back arrow or breadcrumb links in the blue bar at the top of the Press Kit tool window.
  2. Quick-view details about the file
    A description of the file contents can be found just below the file name and dateline.
  3. Preview or download the files
    To preview or download a single file or folder, mouseover the "down arrow" to the right of the file name. Select either preview, download, or open in the case of folders. You'll be prompted for where on your harddrive to save it. We recommend the desktop so it's easy to find later.
  4. Downloading multiple files
    To download multiple files at once, you may check the boxes to the right of each file name to select them. A download tab will then appear at the top-right of the Press Kit window and clicking it begins your download.
  5. Previewing in your browser
    If you click on the name of the file, it will open a small preview version of the file in the Press Kit tool. Notice the information bar at the top of the preview. When you mouseover the file name in the bar, you'll see the description. Other links in the information bar allow you to download, comment, or navigate to the previous or next file in the folder. When you mouse over the document itself, you'll see a viewing menu at the bottom which allows you to enlarge or reduce the previewed document, scroll through pages, or expand to a full-screen view of the contents.
  6. Closing the preview
    Clicking "X" in the upper right corner of the preview window closes the preview and returns you to the previous view.


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