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“Peer Tutoring! 
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“On-line Tutoring:
The Top Ten Things to Know”
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Tutoring Town Hall (tm)

Tutoring Town Hall is a free, live, real-time webcast event which enables professionals to connect with experts to discuss issues and ideas of concern to all. A guest presentation is followed by a round table discussion and then an audience question and answer period, on-location and on-line via the Stream57 webinar platform.

Program Format and Features

  • FREE to all participants
  • Thousands can be accommodated simultaneously on-line
  • Event-specific blogging and discussion groups prior to and following the event
  • Expert presentations
  • Roundtable panel
  • Moderated audience interaction in-person, by internet, and phone
  • Access to archives via this site after the event

How to Participate

All you need to join the Tutoring Town Hall is a web browser and a broadband internet connection. Or just call in via telephone. You may also choose to combine telephone and internet for maximum interaction.



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